Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Dumps!

That's what I'm in today...the dumps...way down in 'em. I have tried to stop watching the stocks in their perpetual downward dive, but I just can't seem to leave it alone. If I want to wallow even deeper I pull up my Wachovia IRA and security accounts and really sit on the pity pot.
One thing I have quit doing is watching the political news, commentaries and the debates. I don't give a damn who can wink, snort and try to come up with the most derogatory remarks about their opponents. I'd just like to hear a little rationale in discussing the horrific state this country is in. Jesus H., I don't think I can vote for anyone this year!


a corgi said...

it is a sad state of affairs our country is in; no answers; just sorry it has you down in the dumps; we'll still working but my husband knows his retirement account took a beating this past week

hoping tomorrow brings you something to smile about :)


Beth said...

I look at it as we know things will recover...the question is, how long will it take. Unfortunately, I'm thinking it will be a few years.

I'm not helping much, am I?



Rjet33 said...

Thanks for visiting my CLSS journal and leaving me a comment. My Mom is 65 and in the same boat with her retirement. It makes me mad that something she worked that hard for for 40 long years is in jeopardy. She doesn't deserve this! I am sure you don't either. Hope things will bounce back soon for all of us!