Monday, December 28, 2009

Road Trip Home

Prepared or not, I was certainly annoyed.  For whatever insane reasoning, I thought Sunday would be the best day for me to travel from Kentucky back to Florida.  NOT!

I left very early and watched the sun rising over Nashville's skyline.  Traffic was sparse and I made very good time, getting to Atlanta in six hours.  From the south side of Atlanta to Valdosta took 5.5 frickin hours!

I'm thinking that just maybe, road rage can be a good thing at times.  At least it kept me awake until I finally got home after 16.5 hours...a trip that usually takes me about 14.  Plus, its hard to sleep while shooting birds at fellow drivers.

I swear (and I did some swearing) I could've walked faster than the traffic was moving.  I'm talkin about 10 mpr or less....then it slowed down!

I considered flying, but when I stay a week or more, I like to have my own wheels.  Anyway, I did have a great Christmas with my family and daughter.  For that, I am thankful  (AND for not getting a speeding ticket or arrested for giving obscene gestures).

So I'm home, and it feels wonderful!  Friday, it will be 2010, and if I manage to get through the night before, I will be cooking my usual fare for New Year's Day.  It includes corned beef and cabbage, blackeyed peas and cornbread.  Oh, and don't forget to cook a dime in the cabbage.

Happy New Year


Rikkij said...

Char- I'm glad you had a good trip but still wish you had looked me up. I could use a friendly face and kind word. ~rick

Char said...

Rick~I would have loved to meet you in person. But I don't even know where in Kentucky you are?
I usually go to Henderson, do you know where that is? A friendly face and kind words, I have.

BTY, what is your e-mail address (if it isn't private)?

Sandcastle Momma said...

That's a really long trip but in the end it sounds like it was worth it. Glad you had a great holiday!
You put the dime in cabbage? We've always put ours in the Black-eyed peas.

Wine and Words said...

Ooooo, I feel for you. I HATE traffic. I turn into a caged animal, I swear. Stay clear of me on the road....well, actually that is good advice, even when there is no traffic.

Char said...

SandMom~Well hell, leave it to me, I've probably been doing it wrong all these years. Maybe it doesn't really matter, its supposed to have something to do with prosperity-right?

Wine/Words~Me,too! And, I'm sure in the land of traffic, all would be safer without me.

bernthis said...

it takes double the amount of time to fly to SFO then it does to drive from L.A. b/c the flights are always delayed

Boomer Pie said...

Seems like the worst part of any drive to Florida is I75 from Macon to Valdosta and then anywhere in Florida. The traffic in FL is maddening. Too many old geezer slowpokes. Have a Happy and exciting New Year!

mustangsally241 said...

M.S., you never told me I was supposed to cook with a dime! Geez, no wonder I'm always broke...LOL Oh yeah I put a couple pics of Miss Liza Jane on my first post. Hugs !