Wednesday, January 27, 2010

When I Was Young

There was a time
when heads did turn
as I went about
my living.

Was simple then
being all alert,
always taking,
never giving.

Vanity lived there
ever present,
but gone in
one blink of eye.

Time will tell
the tale of truth
of which we
dare not deny.

Still here awaiting
the  singer's choice
of  loves' lost
and lovers true.

The joker has
had his laugh
and cupid is
broken and blue.

Char Chandler

(suggest a title)??


mrs. miss alaineus said...


i love this char, you have a gift!


Dan said...

I'd call it, "Wolf Whistles Back," but I'm silly like that.

Very nice piece of prose.

Wine and Words said...

Where heads once turned, minds now focus, seek you out. Even I, just now. Turned to your words, heart, life force.

Rick said...

Char- timing is everything. I'd call it "blink of an eye" And I heartily agree about vanity and cupid and all that there stuff. Nice writing, Sister~rick

Kathryn Magendie said...

Sad Cupid... or Disallusioned Cupid

but then again, don't listen to me because I SUCK at titles *laugh* - ask anyone! they know *grin*

Woman in a Window said...

Time's truth?
I like this, Char, the poem itself and the risks you are taking by putting them out here. It's liberating, isn't it? And offers so much room for growth of the spirit...but then now I'm just sounding like a qwuak!

Char said...

Thank you all. These are all appropiate titles.

Mrs.Miss A~Gravity is certainly involved! ha!

Dan~I like that (funny but true).

Wine/Words~I always love your comments.

Rick~Thanks, always appreciate you coming by.

Kate~Thank you, and I doubt that you suck at anything.

Erin~Yes, it is liberating. What is it you think I am risking? I like your title "Time's Truth"

Cricket said...

Hi Char -

Helen's Lament ? No, really, who needs titles? E.E. Cummings did fine without 'em...

Thanks for your several visits. I have been trying to make the rounds with more diligence. So many blogs, so little time. Wish I could just sit and read all day.

Loved the "letter to God" story, also. Hope to be back again soon.

Respectfully Yours,


bernthis said...

hey there: haven't talked with you in a while. Just wanted to send my love and say hello and hope you're okay.


buffalodick said...

As we learn to give, we learn to live...

♥ Braja said...

Char, that is so beautiful and poignant...

MyMaracas said...

I think alaineus's "gravity" is a great one. Having reached a certain stage in life myself, I know exactly what you're writing about here.

I've missed you. Glad to see you back online again.

mgc jobs said...

good n well done..........