Monday, December 22, 2008


Well, I made it to Kentucky and am freezing my ass off. I'm not sure how I made it without getting a speeding ticket as I rarely got under 80 mph the whole time. I made the 900 mile trip in a little over 14 hours (and that is NOT a good thing).
It is now 6* with a windchill of -8*. When I talked to Don in Port Charlotte today, it was 80*!
Now I know how it feels when I tell my daughter how nice it is when I am home and she responds with "Bite Me". It is late & I am in the basement with an electric throw over my frozen feet trying to catch up on reading some emails and blogs. I may not check in again until I get back home!
Here's wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas! Be safe and stay warm!


Beth said...

Yes, when we talked to our friends in California yesterday, Kim said, "It's 70° here! But that's the nicest it's been all week." Like THAT makes it better! LOL

Have fun, try to stay warm, and have a safe trip home...and jeez, ease up there, Leadfoot! ;)

Hugs, Beth

Anonymous said...

i feel you-- i live in indiana! it's fricken FREEZING here!

enjoy your holiday!
merry christmas, love!

Anonymous said...

Your fast driving makes you my new speed freak hero! I am terrified to drive fast on the freeway and here you are driving 80 mph!
Well I found you while blog hopping. Have a nice New Years!

miss alaineus said...

Thanks for joining the alemanac alumni...

i am from a really small state. i think you can drive completely around the western borders of mass to vt, and nh in 14 hours.

it also takes me about that long to get drive there from the d.

i am also not a fan of the speed limit. glad we both are currently not supporting the donut fund.

xxalainaxx aka miss alaineus