Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Day, 2009

Last night's dinner and New Year's party with friends was fun. Today, I made my annual feast of corned beef, cabbage and black-eyed peas and had a few friends over, so I was glad that I hadn't awoke with a hangover from all those salty dogs and champagne I drank.

It was a beautiful day here with temps in the upper 70s and a light breeze. We ate on the lanai, talked and later played darts.

After everyone left, I realized I was very tired and donned my PJs and hit the couch to watch tv. As is par for the holiday season, there wasn't anything to watch , and the channel surfing began. Ah ha...#67, the Sci-Fi Channel! It seems they are celebrating 50 years of "The Twilight Zone" with a series marathon. It's been 50 years?! Can you believe it?

Well, I decided to watch a while as I used to be a faithful viewer of the show. Remember how they would feature some really talented actors in these productions? I saw Telly Savalas (he looked to be about 40), Burgess Meredith, and a very baby-faced, innocent-looking William Shatner (who looked to be in his twenties). There were many famous actors with familiar faces, but I couldn't remember all their names. It was such a treat to watch, I stayed tuned for about four hours. I may even have to order the series' DVDs.

Anywho...2008 is now history and I sit here wondering if we are "crossing over to the other side" and are entering The Twilight Zone of 2009.
Happy New Year everyone!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you, too! At the moment, I'm very optimisitic about 2009. :)

Anonymous said...

happy new year to you, my friend!

Beth said...

Oh, I HOPE we don't take a turn into...

The Twilight Zone. (Think Rod Serling saying it.)

Love love love the TZ, and the Shatner episode is one of the best (the creature on the wing of the plane, right?). And I believe the Burgess Meredith one is where he just never has enough time to read...that one always got to me.

On the 31st, I watched most of the I Love Lucy marathon on TV Land, even though I have the entire series on DVD. The shows still make me laugh!

Happy New Year, Char! That sunset is amazing, by the way. One of my favorite things about Florida is the beautiful sunsets!

Hugs, Beth

Anonymous said...

ooh i love a good twilight zone marathon! Happy New Year!

Char said...

Beth, you amaze me! Yes, those were the right ones....geeze, you know them all?
Thanks to all of you for stopping by.

Hugs & Happy New Year

Kattytrick said...

I just love the picture you included on your New Years blog! Gosh! I miss warm tropical weather! It sounds like you had a really great New Years, wish I could have been there...I really do!... Take care...Talk soon I hope........Kittie ;~}

~PakKaramu~ said...

Serenity, at every sunrise