Friday, April 24, 2009

If I write a poem, will you come?

Since it seems most only comment when I write one of my feeble poems......

A Novice Writing Poetry

With fine linen paper
and pen in hand
a spirit is wafting

The first mark from
gnarled fingers
touches lightly with

A phrase is begun
another line
appears upon the

A dotted eye is
watching here a
novice crossing

Time is out watching
waiting to see
a poem without an

Char Chandler
April, 2009


Anonymous said...

Very nice. And while I don't comment so frequently, I always read your posts in my reader! :) TGIF

Indigo said...

A delightful forage into your poetic soul dear friend. (Hugs)Indigo

Beth said...

Char? I never again want to hear you refer to your poems as "feeble". I enjoy them, I applaud you for writing them, and good for you for posting them.

Okay? Okay. :)

Hugs, Beth

Cowguy said...

okay, that was nice stuff. Sincerely.. I liked that a bunch.

Woman in a Window said...

Yes, I will come? Are you crazy? I'm driven to come!

bernthis said...

to me, any attempt at poetry takes courage and I gotta tell you, you should be proud

Lori said...

Very nice!!!

Angie Ledbetter said...

Fav: "A dotted eye is
watching here a
novice crossing

Char said...

Thank you all for your comments... its what keeps me going. Now you' have to read all my silly stuff!

DB said...

Nice poem and true. I think writing is like that often, a word spills out, then a phrase and suddenly a map is drawn.