Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Goodbyes Are Not Easy

The mist hangs heavily
over the meadow green.
And the air is poison,
its cruel and its mean.

Furling and floating round
my head and my heart.
Shifting and wafting,
and tearing apart.

Leave me no ghosts to
be haunting my life.
Just leave without thought
and abandon your wife.

Go quickly, and in silence,
hearing no footsteps fall.
No music nor ceremonial
farewells, no tears at all.

No sorrow felt, no turning
of the heart or head.
The vacancy is complete
As our love, I am to you, dead.

Char Chandler


Beth said...

That is excellent, Char. I hope you're doing well. {{hugs}}

Cora said...


Powerful stuff, Char. Reminds me of the day my husband wiped out the bank account and left me and our baby for another woman, telling me he wished the baby and I would "end up in the gutter" one day. The things I said to him were far less poetic (ahem), but the feelings were the same.

Anonymous said...

Thats an amazing poem, you are a great writer!

Woman in a Window said...

no Car, they are not. 2004...

Char said...

Beth, Thanks. I am doing okay, am back home and smothering in this heat.
Cora, Thanks. I bet your words would've mad an excellemt poem! My
ex chose a 22 year old over a 59. And, you can bet, there was nothing I didn't say.
Nancy, Thanks a bunch!
WiW, I must be missing something here??? 2004 was when I wrote that.

Woman in a Window said...

Char, you said, goodbyes are not easy. I'm going through a few goodbyes of my own. I feel it deeply throughout my core, although I'm on the leaving end. I was just agreeing with you. And then I was wondering at you posting this poignant piece from 2004. I wondered if something had happened to make those feelings resurface. Um, ya, guess I didn't say nearly that, did I?

Now, when are you scheduling that haircut?

Char said...

Erin - Just got my haircut in KY by my daughter. Yeah!
Sorry you are going through such difficult times.
Actually, I was going through an old (paper) journal and ran across that poem....pitifully sophmoric.
However, with the recent passing of my sister, I think I am reflecting too much.
Thanks for stopping by, and good luck to you.

Rikkij said...

Char- we are people. Flawed in emotion and drunk in stability. We pile mistakes and there is collateral damage. Life has joy and sadness. I'm sorry for the sadness I bring and ask forgiveness for my mistakes. It's the best I can do. Yes, goodbye is hard. ~rick

*Akilah Sakai* said...

Fantastic poem, Char. Fantastic!