Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day at the Beach

Yesterday, I decided to go to the beach for a while. I took a book and beach chair and baked for a couple hours. (Yes, I know the dangers of the sun, but I ruined my skin long ago by offering myself as a human sacrifice all through my teen years.) My mother used to tell me I was getting too dark and it made my eyes look weird. Well, the boys had started to call me 'bedroom eyes', so who do you think won that one?

It was hotter than hell, but the breeze off the Gulf felt great and I took a nice long walk. As I walk, I am picking up rocks that catch my eye. Yes, some days are shell days, shark tooth days, and yesterday was a rock day. Silly, I know. Anyway, here are some that caught my attention.

Then when I get home, I just can't leave things alone. I started to see things in these rocks. And wallah....look at these:

I am so easily entertained. Oh well, blame it on the heat!


miss alaineus said...
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miss alaineus said...

that would be an ideal date for me and mr. mischief!


Cora said...

That one really does look like a space man! Aliens are communicating via rocks now, eh? Crop circles got old? Too funny!

Hee hee hee.

buffalodick said...

That was very creative!

~Oct said...

I love the beach at the gulf (and the sun!). And I also loved seeing your rock finds. Fun!

Beth said...

I love those! I don't think it's silly at all...totally something that I would do. (Of course, maybe that means that I'm silly, too, but I'm okay with that.) Fun!

Indigo said...

An active imagination never hurt anyone. (Hugs)Indigo

Anonymous said...

sounds like my kind of day!

Kathryn Magendie said...


Oh! and Char, you've just helped me to remember what to write that Virginia Kate picks up at the beach when she goes there - it's the CA beach, but I imagine they have those things too!


Rikkij said...

I love whatever you used for a background. And I like whatever led your heart on this important quest. ~rick

bernthis said...

in a million years I never would have made the leap from shell to Rorschach test.

Char said...

Ms A- The you should go for it, its good for the soul.

Cora- Its difficult to make those crop circles in citrus orchards. ha

Kate- I am imagining all kinds of things sh might've picked up. (geeze, I hope its not doggie nuggets) ha

Oct- Thanks for stopping. Please come again. I can tell you are a beach lover.

Beth- I love how you always see the fun in most everything.

Indigo- Isn't it wonderful how/where our imagination takes us.

Rick- It was just paper, but I took it on a glasstop table on the lanai, and there was a pink sunset.
Ah, it seemed an quest important at the time. ha

Jessica- But, inkspots are so boring. Unleash yourself!

Thank to all of you for stopping by and leaving your comments. It just makes my day!

♥ Braja said...

You're hilarious :) And entertaining to boot...:)